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Who will see my job adverts?'s candidate database consists of CV's from job seekers who are based all over England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and overseas.

As a recruiter, you can even carry out a targeted email campaign which can regionally split or target candidate audiences who are looking for a specific job type, i.e, Chef, Bar Manager.

This is just one additional service we offer you, the recruiter in reaching your job seeker audience.

Visit the How to advertise section for more information.

How much does it cost to post a job advertisement

At we offer a whole host of different packages of  job postings to you, the recruiter.

Our one single job posting also gives recruiters the job of the day special feature, making your job advertisement stand out  more to job seekers than any other job position that day. At a cost of £200, it really is the most cost effective and quickest way to advertise your role, more so than traditional methods such as print.

The more job credits you purchase, the bigger the discount available to you.

At we offer pricing packages based on job credit quantities such as, up to 5, 6-15, 16-30, 31-60 and 60+

We also offer recruiters the option to sponsor emails, banner advertising plus many other options available helping you stand out to recruiters.

For more information on our other opportunities and full pricing structure visit our website, for further information or visit the Advertising Opportunites section at the top of the page.

What makes a great job advertisement?

As recruiters, we at understand that it is time consuming recruiting, writing the job advertisement, sifting through CV's and then the interviewing process.

Some recruiters also feel that they are not sure which information to include in the job posting to help make sure that they attract the correct candidates.

Below is the key information that we hope will help you, the recruiter in constructing your job posting advertisement.

What is the job? Where is it located? What is the salary? What are the skills/qualifications required? Are these desired or expected? What are the benefits with the role? What are the prospects within the role? What is the recruitment process? Closing date for applications? How to apply for the role?

If your short of time then the most key things to include are, location, salary and job title.

By including as much information as possible though, may help filter out the irrelevant candidates applying for the position and therefore decrease the number of applications, CV's that you have to sift through!

Remember you can use Ad Manager or speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Does offer help and support to recruiters who want to advertise jobs?

At we offer a full extensive range of tools to help you, the recruiter post your job most easily.

We offer a customer support team who can assist in general website queries and your designated Account Manager will be able to help with anything else. 

We also offer users the opportunity to ask us questions by filling in a form online.

Our website even has an extensive range of Advice options to choose from to help answer any questions that you may have.

Please feel free to offer any feedback to us of services that you think we could either improve or add.

To contact us leave your details online at or email us at or call 020 7769 9290.

What should I do if a staff member is not up to the job?

There may be occasions where you have a member of staff who is struggling to perform their role effectively. This is an example of a situation that one of our recruiters experienced.

The issue
After various discussions, room checks and training a member of staff employed as a supervisor in the housekeeping department for three years was still showing that she was not capable of being a supervisor. She was placed on a final warning and was heading for dismissal despite having had coaching.

Expert answer
Alison Clarke, human resources director of Whitbread Restaurants, replies:

The problem with the your supervisor seems to be one of capability rather than misconduct. This being the case, the disciplinary procedure is not an appropriate way of managing the problem.

Recommended action
Meet the supervisor. Explain to her that you think she may not be capable of carrying out her role. Say that your reasons for this are that she has had coaching and training, but is still not able to carry out the responsibilities of the role to the level that is expected. Remember to give examples of where this has happened recently.
Ask for her views. Does she agree or disagree that she may not be capable of fulfilling this particular job? If she agrees that she isn't, then discuss alternative employment with her. Failing that, dismiss her by reason of incapability.
If she disagrees, your first option is to give her a last chance to demonstrate that she is capable. Warn her that her job is at risk if she does not make the grade. It's important to make a note of the action plan and deadlines that you agree.
Your second option is to tell her that it's too late and that you believe that she is incapable of fulfilling the role. Then discuss alternative employment with her.
Remember dismissal should be the last resort, after exploring if there is an alternative role that she may be capable of fulfilling.

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